Uart & Open Frame

Not only TFT panels and controller boards, we can also provide standard and customized industrial open frame and monitors to our customers including 7’,8”, 10,.1”,12.1”, 13.3”, 15.6” and 21.5” , also provide customized display monitors based on customers’ requirements.

From frame outline to AD board designing, we can provide you professional consultancy and do the board designing based on the functions you need.

The monitor can be used in different applications, also can be easily assembled and fit in your devices.

Uart & Open Frame
Uart & Open Frame
NO. Size TFT LCD Resolution Touch screen Specification
01. 5” XHMI050WV02A-ITUL 800 x 480 v View
02. 7” XF070WV03BC-TDUL 800 x 480 v View
03. 7” XF070WSV08AC-TDHL 1024 x 600 v View
04. 10.1” XF101WX04A-IDHL 1280 x 800 v View
05. 15.6” MOT156HFD01A-NL 1920 x 1080 v View

Providing Professional Display & Touch Integrated Solution


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